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Home Staging


Home staging is the art of transforming a house into a buyer’s dream home! In a vacant property any flaw or oddity will be glaringly obvious since there is not anything else to focus on. There is no frame of reference so the rooms look smaller. Also considering the fact that only 10% of buyers can visualize the home’s potential, its no wonder that transforming an empty house into a carefully staged home gives sellers such a dramatic advantage. After all, buying a home is the most emotional purchase most of us make so how can anyone be expected to connect with a bare empty house? Of course most occupied homes have that warm, lived-in, emotional connection – to the seller! The danger of showing an occupied, un-staged home to a potential buyer, no matter how beautiful and well designed, is you are showing off your home, not theirs. It is virtually impossible for a homeowner to objectively see or effectively stage their own home. Designed to Showoff will gently assist the seller to detach, and stage the home in a way that displays those absolute, must have, emotional connections to potential buyers.

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