Easy to use

We've designed an intuitive, modern and simple interface to ensure comfort and pleasure when using the application.

Online access

Access data from anywhere, any device and at any time.

Pain free

We've designed our platform to allow businesses the ability to create and manage their profiles.

Revenue generation

Businesses pay a monthly fee to be listed within the mobile app. This creates residual monthly payments

A complete mobile application that connects businesses to consumers

Our platform allows you to manage business subscriptions, reporting, billing, and more.

Providing businesses extreme value

A business’ primary focus with customers is finding effective and affordable ways to communicate. By partnering with a CitySmart community app, your business will can save over 50% on digital marketing and advertising in addition to instant engagement with your customers.  With additional features like geo-fencing, on-demand offers, push notifications, and more, your business will be able to communicate with customer like never before – all for a low monthly fee.


Full towns in a little app.


Get your news fix 24/7 with local news updated throughout the day


Keep tabs on local events. Our platform displays event categories ranging from Arts & Culture to Sporting.


Commute like a pro. View accidents, slow downs, and more.


Rain jacket or flip flops? Our minute by minute updates will keep you ready for mother nature.

Important numbers

View the contact information of city hall, the local fire department, water authority and more.

Business Directory

Find everything from the local tailor to a plastic surgeon within seconds

Business Profiles

From phone numbers to reviews to offers and more. View comprehensive business info before making your decision.


Reviews are a powerful tool for businesses and consumers. Our platform focuses hyper-local reviews from the people you call neighbor.

Push Notifications

Our state of the art On Demand Customer Engagement tool allows businesses to push notifications daily. Keep your customers informed while providing value.


We believe in word of mouth and know that happy consumers love sharing businesses with friends and family. Our platform offers an easy sharing to services like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Post offers to your audience and beyond. Because the platform is mobile, consumers will have access to your offers immediately. No extra fees to 'boost' your message.


We offer as much or as little as you want. View impressions, clicks, new signups, billing, and overall platform activity all in the cloud.

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Our Markets

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Why partner with CitySmart?

Our platform was designed specifically for communities.

The Problem

We live in a day and age where there’s an app for everything. Apps that connect friends and apps that connect businesses. One of the most important things in each of our lives along with family, is our community. In each community there are thousands of small businesses constantly searching for ways to grow. Over the last 3 decades, advertising rates from traditional media has risen significantly, paving the way for social media. And now social media has become a more complex landscape as many businesses are not consistently able to reach their audience.

The Numbers

In 2018, US small businesses will spend nearly $134-billion on marketing and advertising and nearly ½ of that amount ($61.4-billion) will be spent specifically on digital and mobile advertising. Simply put, consumers do nearly everything digitally on their smart phones. In 2019, smartphones will pass television as the #1 medium for view time by consumers at 3 hours and 40 minutes. When it comes to small business advertising, most businesses are at the mercy of regional options. Most small businesses receive 90% of their revenue from consumers that live within an 8-mile radius. Typical advertising options reach consumers outside of the coveted 8-mile radius, leading to wasted dollars on an audience that isn’t the prime target a business is looking to reach.

The Solution

CitySmart is a community-focused mobile app development company that partners with local municipalities, chambers of commerce, churches, non-profits, and business associations to promote hyper-local mobile applications while saving small businesses over 50% on mobile marketing and advertising. Using CitySmart’s free smartphone apps on iOS and Android, locals have relevant and useful information about their city in the palm of their hand. CitySmart apps give locals access to local weather, traffic, events, city services, business directory, and reviews from local residents. Weather, traffic and certain other information is provided through automated data feeds. This service fills a void and opportunity in the marketplace that is not properly addressed by other companies.

The Value

Businesses that advertise on the CitySmart platform can join with a free business profile. With a premium business listing, business subscribers are able to push notifications to users that follow (similar to Facebook’s Like feature) their profile up to once per day. This feature allows businesses and organizations to stay in contact with their existing customer base as push notifications average a 90% open rate.

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