Easy to use

We've designed an intuitive, modern and simple interface to ensure comfort and pleasure when using the application.

Online access

Access data from anywhere, any device and at any time.

Pain free

We've designed our platform to allow businesses the ability to create and manage their profiles.

Revenue generation

Businesses pay a monthly fee to be listed within the mobile app. This creates residual monthly payments

A complete mobile application that connects businesses to consumers

Our platform allows you to manage business subscriptions, reporting, billing, and more.

Providing businesses extreme value

A chamber’s primary focus is aiding the growth of their local business community. By partnering with CitySmart, your members will have access to state of the art technology that allows them to engage with their customers like never before. This added value will provide more referrals and increased renewals.


Full towns in a little app.


Get your news fix 24/7 with local news updated throughout the day


Keep tabs on local events. Our platform displays event categories ranging from Arts & Culture to Sporting.


Commute like a pro. View accidents, slow downs, and more.


Rain jacket or flip flops? Our minute by minute updates will keep you ready for mother nature.

Important numbers

View the contact information of city hall, the local fire department, water authority and more.

Business Directory

Find everything from the local tailor to a plastic surgeon within seconds

Business Profiles

From phone numbers to reviews to offers and more. View comprehensive business info before making your decision.


Reviews are a powerful tool for businesses and consumers. Our platform focuses hyper-local reviews from the people you call neighbor.

Push Notifications

Our state of the art On Demand Customer Engagement tool allows businesses to push notifications daily. Keep your customers informed while providing value.


We believe in word of mouth and know that happy consumers love sharing businesses with friends and family. Our platform offers an easy sharing to services like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Post offers to your audience and beyond. Because the platform is mobile, consumers will have access to your offers immediately. No extra fees to 'boost' your message.


We offer as much or as little as you want. View impressions, clicks, new signups, billing, and overall platform activity all in the cloud.

Get started for free.

Our Valued Partners

We support local businesses

Why partner with CitySmart?

Our platform was designed specifically for chambers.

Proven Model

In 2017, US smartphone users will spend 3 hours and 30 minutes using mobile apps a day, up from 3 hours and 10 minutes from 2015. The average American looks at their phone 35+ times per day. The data is clear, reaching consumers directly on their smartphones is the most effective way a business can advertise.CitySmart allows businesses to reach their prime, targeted demographic on demand at a very affordable rate. Our low cost per acquisition encourages growth and our mobile-friendly platform aids consumers in utilizing our products day in and day out.


Developing state of the art applications is the goal for many businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses discover how expensive a secure and effective application can be. CitySmart• has invested the time, energy, and resources to ensure our partners receive the best application for their business. Our products allow businesses to reach customers on demand.Our highly trained developers have created a platform that allows users the ability to run a complete digital and mobile advertising business with no programming experience needed. We•ve integrated marketing, billing, reporting, and much more into one robust web and mobile application.


Adapt your business to a fast-changing world using the latest technologies and advantages of cloud computing. Follow the expectations of customers and expand your company.We consider our platform the perfect complement to chambers. Adding a mobile option to existing offerings is just good business!

Support and maintenance in the cloud

Our DevOps team will do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to fixing bugs, updates and much more. By using the CitySmart Cloud Platform you will start working in a few minutes, and we will take care of the rest. You do not have to worry about losing or unauthorized access to data. Access your platform wherever you are.


Our platform was designed for quantity and due to this, many businesses find our price-point irresistible for the value provided. A business• lifeblood is built on gaining new customers while simultaneously servicing existing customers. CitySmart• offers software that truly connects businesses to customers like never before.On average, our business partners are able to generate an average of $11,000 in residual monthly sales with very few expenses. Our top earners generate upwards of $28,000 per month per city/ app.


Our corporate team provides partners industry-leading training on user acquisition, marketing, public relations, and much more. Our online resources are available to partners 24/7 along with weekly and monthly training calls to ensure you have all the tools needed to reach your business and revenue goals.

Access from anywhere

Regardless of whether you are in the office, at your client's or have branches in several locations, you have continuous access to your data using the web browser.

Speed and unlimited performance

It does not matter if you have ten or several thousand customers. Our cloud platform has access to almost unlimited resources and flexibly adapts to your needs.

Ready to take the next step?

Our team is standing by to answer any of your questions.